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For all your Middle Eastern produce and spices

Egyptian Mango Ewis (approx 2kg)

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Fresh, ripe Egyptian mango ewis


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Fresh, ripe Egyptian mango ewis, 80g counts as part of your 5 a day.

Egyptian Mango Ewis is a highly sought-after variety of mango renowned for its exceptional flavor and unique characteristics. It is named after its origin, Egypt, where it is cultivated and grown in abundance. The Ewis mango is known for its vibrant orange-yellow skin, which is often tinged with hints of red and green. The fruit itself is large and juicy, with a luscious, sweet, and aromatic taste that sets it apart from other mango varieties. Its flesh is smooth, fiber-free, and succulent, making it a delight to eat. Egyptian Mango Ewis is cherished by mango enthusiasts worldwide for its superior quality and exquisite flavour, making it a true tropical delicacy.

Weight 2000 g

2kg box

Customers reviews

6 Reviews Write a review
  1. Nader Elgharably (verified owner)

    Excellent Quality

  2. Abdelgalil Abdelrady (verified owner)

  3. Osama EL-Silimy (verified owner)


  4. Mahmoud Aroussy (verified owner)

    Good but I prefer the fass

  5. Ramy Hakim (verified owner)

    It was nice

  6. rana (verified owner)

    amazing service

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